My name is Kali Ciesemier ( Kali sounds like "Cali" and Ciesemier rhymes with "Cease-fire"). I'm an artist living in LA and working in the animation industry since 2016!

I'm currently a BG Painter at Titmouse rolling off in the spring! I'm interested in leadership positions and paint & color roles in animation--I'd love to hear about your project!

I've been in leadership roles on 2D and 3D animated shows for the past 2 years--
Most recently I was the Color Supervisor on Battle Kitty at Netflix, and before that I was Production Design Supervisor (AD) on OK KO: Let's be Heroes! at Cartoon Network.
I've also worked as Color Designer and BG Painter on various projects and I'm currently BG Painting at Titmouse!
I was a freelance illustrator for 8 years with experience on a wide variety of projects prior to my work in the animation field.

I have taught

Illustration at my alma mater, the Maryland Institute College of Art (2009-2013), and later at the University of Arts in Philadelphia (2015) and the School of Visual Arts in New York (2015-2016).

My clients include

Amtrak, the Boston Globe, Cartoon Network, Google, Harper Collins, LA Times, Netflix, the New York Times, the New Yorker, Scholastic, United Way, and Warner Bros. I have also previously worked as a concept artist for Big Huge Games.

My work has been recognized by

the Society of Illustrators, Spectrum, and American Illustration.

I have spoken at

the Society of Illustrators on the "First Four Years" panel, Light Grey Art Lab at the "Resolve to MAKE: 2013" workshop, Winthrop University as the GD/IL commencement speaker, Small Press Expo 2013 on the "Illustration as Profession and Practice" panel, and schools such as Rhode Island School of Design, Maryland Institute College of Art, School of Visual Arts, Montclair State University, and New Hampshire Institute of Art.


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